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Here is some general information on Parking at MIC:

Limerick campus

Thurles campus


Limerick campus: 

Please note that parking is only available in the designated car parks, any vehicles parked illegally will be clamped

There are three on-campus car parks that students are allowed to use;

1. Summerville Car Park (Free and barrier operated)

2. TARA Car Park (€3 cost by card on way out - top of the roundabout)

3, Temporary/Overflow Car Park (FREE and on the left as your drive in)

 If parking on campus, you need to display an MISU Parking Sticker. 

Details required to apply:


Details required to collect your sticker:

  • Tax Disc (a photo will suffice)*
  • Current valid MIC Student ID*

Please only apply once, if you are on placement you don't need to apply until your come back on-campus:Student Parking Sticker application 

You will get an email to your student email letting you know when to collect your sticker from the Information & Services Desk (on the ground floor of the TARA building at the bottom of the TARA steps). You will be asked to bring the following with you;

  1. Student ID Card
  2. Tax Disc (to verify your car registration)

 You will then receive your sticker and can place it on your car windscreen - it sticks from the inside (sticker facing up to the windscreen)

Parking on campus is only available in the designated car parks named above. Any vehicles parked illegally will be CLAMPED (€120 release fee). We reserve the right to provide your details to security if your vehicle is found to be illegally parked.


 Please do not leave any belongings/valuables on display in your vehicle.

2 Hour Zones (all around the outside of the campus):

Limerick E-Parking App

Please note you can purchase Parking Discs from an Siopa (singular or in books)

*Please make sure you display a parking disc or park using the app/website as Traffic Wardens patrol these areas. If you are parked and you have not paid or your time has expired - there is a possibility you will get a fine.

Public Carparks Nearby (within 15 mins. walk)

Steamboat Quay Carpark, Dock Rd., Limerick (From €2 per hour).*

Aviary Car Park, Dock Rd., Limerick (From €2 per hour).*

Q-Park Henry Street, Dock Rd., Limerick (From €2.40 per hour).*

*Check online for weekly and monthly rates.


Thurles campus: 

Students can avail of the on-campus car park in front of the building, this is free. Please note you do not need a parking sticker.

Please note that parking is only available in the designated car parks, any vehicles parked illegally will be clamped


Please do not leave any belongings/valuables on display in your vehicle.

On-street Parking & Local Car Parks:

If you need to park off-campus, download or visit Tipperary E-Parking, this can allow you to pay for parking from your phone and covers on-street parking and some nearby car parks.

Click here to for he different car parks.


The MIC interactive campus map is available HERE



The interactive campus map highlights the student parking areas around the campus!

If you are parking in the student car parks on the Limerick campus, you need to apply for a Student Parking sticker. It's free and easy to apply for.


*Please only apply with your student email address and only apply once.

1st Years - you are allowed park on-campus for Orientation/Week 1(once safely and legally) without a sticker. Once you have your email set-up, you can apply.

Please note that the Paid Car Park (€3 Car Park) requires payment of €3 on the exit of the car park, this is a CARD ONLY payment. During term time, you need a parking sticker if in this car park, but you still need to pay the fee. 

Parking off-campus in 2-hour zones will require a Parking Disc (available from An Siopa during term time) or else you can pay via card on Limerick E-Parking.

Traffic Wardens frequently patrol the areas surrounding MIC, so please make sure you have a valid parking disc/or paid online as you could receive a ticket and a fine. 


Security is based in the TARA Building and the Foundation Building (Main Reception).

Main Reception Security is available at mobile number 0876594341.

Tara Reception Security is available at mobile number 0868502607.


Main Reception

The main Reception is in the Foundation Building and can be contacted on 061-204997. The ladies who are in reception will point you in the right direction if you need any assistance with locating an office or a classroom.
You can post letters from the main reception! The post is collected at 4 pm each evening from Monday to Friday and you can purchase stamps in an Siopa (TARA Building).


For more information on each of the Campus Buildings, click on that building.

TARA Building - Students' Union, an Siopa, Lime Tree Theatre, lecture halls (T1.16/T.1.17/T1.18 etc) 

The Library Building - Wired FM, An Seomra Caidrimh (Rooms beginning with L or LG)

Tailteann - Sports Facilities (Exams Halls/PE - T or TN)

The Foundation Building - Main Reception, Arts Office, Education Office, SAA, Finance Office, Information Alley, Canteen, Chapel (Rooms will be either G or a number e.g 112/201/315)

Summerville House - Building across from Tailteann (Rooms will have either S or SG)

John Henry Newman Building - Postgrad Building and where the International Office is located (Room numbers will show JHN)




Limerick Room Numbers


                  Limerick campus map min

The John Henry Newman building is located across the road from the Foundation Building (opposite the main gates).

This is where MIC John Henry Newman buildingPostgraduate students are based; there are dedicated study spaces, facilities and meeting rooms. It is fit-for-purpose research facility, bringing all postgraduate activities together into one space and significantly advancing provision in this area. Here, postgrad students can work, away
from the hustle and bustle of the main campus.

It is also home to a number of other college services and staff offices, including the International Office.

NOBODY PANIC, There is a Room Number for Everything! EVERYTHING!

The campus maps are available HERE.


G4S provide security for St Patrick's Campus Thurles. Contact them on 086 780 5027.

Main Reception

Main reception is the first point of contact for inquiries in the Main Building and can be contacted on 0504 - 20530. If you have any questions or want information on how to contact a staff member.

For more information on the Main Building, click here.

There are many student supports based in the Main Building, more information on how to access them here.


Thurles Room Numbers 2   


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