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How decisions are made 

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The Constitution of MISU is a binding document which has been passed by referendum of the students. It outlines the functions and objectives of MISU, indicates how goals should be achieved, how the Union is governed and how decisions are made.


A referendum, like any referendum, is the ultimate decision making device of the SU. If you want something big to change in the SU or how it works, this is how it’s done.

A referendum can be called by the MISU Executive Committee, Union Council or a petition from at least 15% of the Union’s membership. For a referendum to be valid, at least 10% of Union members must vote.

The Union General Meeting (UGM)

The Union General Meeting (UGM) is the supreme governing body of the SU and is held twice a semester. UGMs are open to all students to attend.

The UGM has the power to mandate Union Council and the Exec. There must be at least 5% of the Union at it for it to be quorum and actually take place.

Union Council (UC)

Union Council (UC) meets every second Wednesday and consists of all the Class Representatives (Reps) and the SU Executive Committee, although it is open to all students. This is where students can come and talk about any issues which their class is experiencing, give feedback or put forward ideas. The Exec will try to sort these issues out or at least explain why they are the way they are.

If you have a problem, it is vital for you to link in with your Class Rep who will bring it to the attention of the President, Executive Committee or Union Council.

We will achieve so much more as a Union if these lines of communication are kept open. Class Reps mandate the Exec to follow through on what happens at UC or take a certain stance on an issue to make sure they are working for the students. If we’re not doing our jobs, call us out on it!

Class Representatives (Class Reps)

            Class Reps are a key link between the Executive and the general student body.

If you want to become a Class Rep you need to;

    • Pick up a nomination form from the Students’ Union office
    • Get 25 signatures from members of your class
    • Return the completed form to the SU by the outlined closing date 


The number of Class Representatives for each class depends on the number of students in the class;

    • 1-60 Students = 1 Class Rep
    • 61-120 Students = up to 2 Class Reps
    • 121-250 = up to 3 Class Reps
    •         251+ Students = up to 4 Class Reps  


Class Rep training takes place once a semester

If you want more info on being a Class Rep email Laura at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Executive Committee [Exec]

The Exec consists of the SU President and Vice President, seven elected SU officers (elected each March) and the UC Chairperson. The Exec meets on a weekly basis throughout the year. A lot of what is discussed at UC is discussed in more detail at Exec, as well as the planning for various events. The Exec reports to Union Council and keeps the Class Reps informed of and up to date on the issues or campaigns which they are working on.