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The Union Council (UC) consists of approximately 100 members representing every class/group in Mary I. The UC is essential to the running of the Union and beneficial to the running of the College. It also helps involve students more closely in the workings of the Union and the College.

The UC has proven invaluable to the Students’ Union and is mainly used by the Union to inform students of what is happening within the college and also to get feedback from students regarding any problems, suggestions or positive aspects they have found in the College.

Members of the UC also sit on their respective Faculty Forum and represent Students’ views at Faculty level. The Vice-President/ Education Officer is responsible for co-ordinating the UC and organising the election of students to represent their classes. Feel free to make use of the UC to get your views across by approaching your class rep or an Executive Officer.



How do I become a member of Union Council?

In order to become a member of Union Council then you need to be elected as your Class Rep. As the Students’ Union has around 3,700 students to represent across two campuses and the exec won’t get to talk to each person individually, class reps are elected, by their class through a vote, as the link between their class and the Exec.


Class Representatives (Class Reps)

If you want to become a Class Rep you need to;

    • Pick up a nomination form from the Students’ Union office
    • Get 25 signatures from members of your class
    • Return to the completed form to the SU by the outlined date


The number of Class Representatives for each class depends on the number of students in the class;

      •   1-60 Students = 1 Class Rep
      •   61-120 Students = up to 2 Class Reps
      •   121-250 = up to 3 Class Reps
      •   251+ Students = up to 4 Class Reps  


The Union Council meets every second Wednesday at 6pm. Agendas and minutes for Union Council meetings 2018/19 can be read below:


Semester 1
26.09.2018                              Agenda           Minutes                          
10.10.2018       Agenda     Minutes  
24.10.2018       Agenda     Minutes
 07.11.2018       Agenda     Minutes
 21.11.2018       Agenda     Minutes

Semester 2

30.01.2019                             Agenda                Minutes                      
13.02.2019       Agenda      Minutes
27.02.2019       Agenda      Minutes
13.03.2019       Agenda      Minutes
27.03.2019       Agenda      Minutes
 10.04.2019       Agenda      *


*Minutes are not yet approved as Union Council will not reconvene until September 2019.

 If you want more info on being a Class Rep, email Pádraig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.