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These officers meet on a weekly basis and are responsible for all detailed matters concerning the running of the Union. Things discussed at Exec meetings can range from parking to funding to regulation changes to planning of events and so on. It varies from week to week. A lot of what is discussed at UC is discussed in more detail at Exec.

The Exec are answerable to Union Council (UC) and therefore to the members of the Union, which is you – the students. The members of the Exec are here to help you; they are a friendly bunch so feel free to approach them with any questions. That’s what they’re there for.


Welfare and Equality Officers:  Jamie Mee and Denis O'Sullivan     Denis                   Jamie


Hi guys we are Denis and Jamie, your Welfare and Equality Officers for the 2016/17 academic year. As we said, we are YOUR officers, we are there for you no matter how big or small the problem is! We will highlight and offer assistance with different issues in college life, such as; Mental health difficulties, LGBTA awareness, your sexual helath, your physical health and the various forms of bullying. We will be organising different events to increase awareness of these issues, and of the support services available in the college and wider community. Don't be afraid to approach us at any stage and have an amazing year in Mary I!

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Entertainments Officers: Lea Pepper and Lauren Griffin                            Lauren  Lea 2  Lauren  Lea


Hey guys, Lauren and Lea here, we are your Entertainment Officers for 2016/17. We are 2nd year CATS students who plan to use our theatrical talents to organise and promote an array of fantastic events and activities to help you escape from the stress of the college year. We also want to ensure that annual events, such as Freshers Week and RAG Week continue to get bigger and better. We really hope that the students will work with us to let us know what they want so that we can organise events that appeal to everyone. If you have any questions, ideas or opinions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are really looking forward to working alongside the rest of the Executive Committee to give you an amazing year here at Mary I!


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Societies Officers : Rachel O'Callaghan             Rachel O Callaghan


Rachel is delighted to be your Societies Officer for the year 2016/17. Her aim is to help all societies to grow and prosper throughout the year. In order to do this, she will work to ensure that all societies have the help they need. Events such as clubs and Socs day and Clubs and Socs week will be used to encourage people to join clubs and societies. Rachel aims to encourage all societies to hold various events which will help benefit various charities as well as the local community in Limerick.


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Oifigeach Chultúra agus Gaeilge (Irish and Culture Officer): Tim Buckley    

My name is Tim and I'm going into my final year of B.Ed. I'be a great passion for the Irish language and I've gained great experience working as a ceannaire in Irish college for the last two summers. I also work with Ógras which is a youth organisation which promotes the speaking of Irish among young people in a fun learning environment. Don't hesitate in contacting me with regard to anything Irish related during the year. Our own unique language is part of our culture and identity. Remember your senafhocal: 'Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam'. I hope to get more students speaking Irish around the college in a fun and interesting way. I look forward to the year ahead and welcome any newcomers to the college. Beir bua agus go n-éirí libh!

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Postgrad Officers: David Loughnane and Cillian McHugh

David: I started my time in Mary I in 2006 on the access course for mature students. From there I went on to the BA programme, graduating in 2011 with a second class honours degree in English and History. In 2013 I was awarded my MA in history, where I looked at the perception of disability in Ireland in the 19th/20th century. I have served on the Students' Union council previouly as the Welfare officer and have a great understanding of how the Union works. About me: I am friendly, always up for a laugh and hurling mad, and will bring ALL of these qualities to the role of postgrad officer. As someone with a disability I fully believe that everyone can achieve their goals given the right tools and I want to help my fellow students achieve theirs.


Cillian: I'm starting my fourth year of my Psychology PhD. I've been involved in MISU over the years so I know how things work and how to get things done. I'm eagerly anticipating the opening of the Mount building this Autumn. I think that as postgrad officer for 16/17 Dave and I can take full credit for the amazing new facilities we're getting! I'm approachable and will listen to anyone. I'm looking forward to working with Dave this year as your Postgraduate Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Union Council Chair: Claire O'Neill

Claire O'Neill is a Class Rep, who was elected by her fellow representatives to act as chairperson of the Union Council meetings.


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Thurles College Officer: Sinéad McColgan               sinead

Sinéad represents the students of the Thurles Campus on Exec and at Union Council. She works with the Students' Union and Executive Council in order to integrate the students of Thurles with the Union. She will help to organise and run Clubs and Societies days and many other events throughout the year.

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