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James DeeganName: James Deegan

Contact: 061-774737 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As President, James makes sure that everything is running as it should be.  He sits on loads of important committees in Mary I and makes sure all student events and campaigns are organised and run smoothly. Remember he’s here to represent you so if you have any problems at all, let him know.  In particular contact him if:


  • You have accommodation issues
  • You have any social or personal problems
  • You have any ideas/problems related to the college or student life
  • You’re not sure who to contact with a particular issue, he’ll send you in the right direction 




Vice President/Academic Officer

Lee Dillon

Name: Lee Dillon


Contact: 061-774738 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Lee is the VP/Academic Officer and is the man to talk to if you’re having any sort of academic issue.  Whether its repeats, I grades, TP appeals or problems with a lecturer Lee has got your back. He sits on all the academic committees in the college as well as some in UL. He's also over the Class Rep system and makes sure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Ensuring that students are represented in the best way possible is his main priority.






Please click on the link below to find your 1st Year Timetable

Academic Calendar and Course Timetables.

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I have enrolled!

I have paid my fees!

I have filled out the forms to be Garda Vetted (BA excluded)!

I have got my Student ID Card!

I received my Art Pack (BA excluded)!

I received a Campus tour!

I got a Fresher Pack!

I attended one of the Orientation Events!

I attended the talks from members of Senior Management!

I attended talks from the Student Support Services!

I attended talks from the lecturers!

I attended the IT labs and set up my student IT account!

I will register my subjects online next week!


Congratulations you are now officially a college student!