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Hustings (Candidate Q & A)

Hustings (Candidate Q&A) is an opportuity for all MIC Students to put forward questions to the Candidates of Election before Voting takes place.

We encourage ALL MIC STUDENTS to get involved with Hustings, this is YOUR chance to ask questions about issues that are important to YOU.


When will Hustings take place?

Hustings will take place on Wednesday 3rd of March 2021 at 6pm

Where will Hustings take place?

As higher education facilities including MIC are operating primarily online, Hustings will take place virtually via Zoom.

How can I join in?

  • This year, it will take place as a Webinar on Zoom. Students can join and ask questions in the Chat box.
  • Students will receive the link to Hustings to their MIC Email accounts.

Who can attend Hustings?

All MIC Students can attend Hustings.


Learn more about the Candidates by reading their Manifestos and viewing their Campaigns

Learn more about the Voting System we use for MISU Elections.


If you have any questions for the Thurles Officer, Aisling Doyle, her virtual office hours are:

Monday 10 - 11am

Tuesday 1 - 4pm

Thursday 11am - 1pm and 3 - 4pm.

You can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What are the Elections?

Mary I Students’ Union (MISU) is the representative body of the students of MIC and every year the student body elect students to the Full-Time positions of President and Vice-President/Academic Officer as well as to a number of part-time officerships. These elected students make up the MISU Executive Committee who represent you at all levels within MIC.

The 2021 elections are your opportunity to have a say in who you want to represent you for the 2021 / 2022 Academic Year.

(Full Time/Sabbatical)

1. MISU President

2. MISU Vice President/Academic Officer

(Part-time Positions)

1. Culture & Irish Officer

2. Clubs & Sports Officer

3. Entertainments Officer

4. Postgraduate Officer

5. Societies Officer 

6. Thurles College Officer

7. Welfare & Equality Officer

These positions make up the MISU Executive Committee.

See the Election Regulations for more information.


Election Dates:

53670   MISU Election Posts5 min

We encourage all students to VOTE in the MISU Elections, you can learn more about Voting procedure here.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Daragh Gallagher)  with any queries.



The MISU Management Advisory Board, Article 19 of the MISU Constitution, shall ensure the efficient use of resources by MISU (19.8) and shall oversee, advise and assist MISU in financial matters.

The MISU Advisory Management Board provides advice and guidance to the MISU President and Vice-President (Sabbaticals), and the General Manager on a range of strategic, management, operational and corporate governance issues.

The purpose of the Board is to;

  • Provide support, advice and constructive challenge in respect of strategic, management, operational and corporate governance issues in relation to the MISU Advocacy and Representational services.
  • Ensure the Sabbatical Officers are fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities, and through the Chair, report any concerns on this to the Chairperson of Union Council.
  • Deal with HR or Operational issues relating to the Sabbatical Officer, in conjunction with the General Manager.
  • Oversee the work of the MISU Commercial Services DAC

The Board is responsible for;

  • The development of and the direction of mid-term and long-term strategic plans of MISU;
  • The acceptance of Annual Work Plans as submitted by the Sabbaticals and General Manager;
  • The efficient use of MISU resources and corporate governance;
  • Conflict resolution and mediation as an internal source of last resort within MISU;
  • Ensuring accountability to its stakeholders;
  • Overseeing the assessment and management of risks to MISU
  • Providing guidance and direction in regard to corporate governance
  • Enhancing MISU’s service capacity through effective planning and evaluation mechanisms.


What Skills Will I Gain?


By joining the MISU Executive Committee (either in a Full-time or Part-time role) can have many benefits for your social, personal and professional development.




Joining the MISU Executive Committee for the Academic Year 2021/22, is a great way of building relationships, meeting new people and playing a part in representating the student voices of MIC Limerick and MIC Thurles.

Take a look at Full-time Positions

Take a look at Part-time Positions

Interested in running in the Elections? Information can be found here