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What is my QCA?

Ok, we can look at this in two ways, the complicated way or the easy way – we choose the latter!

Basically, when your grades are added together at the end of a semester, your overall results are given to you in numerical form.

­Ultimately, this number will decide what level of degree you graduate with. It’s measured out of 4.00 so the closer you get to that figure the better.

­You need a QCA of at least 2.00 in order to progress onto your next year. First year grades do not count towards your final QCA…however, the 2.00 rule per semester still applies.

­Some of your grades are ‘double weighted’ which means they’re worth twice as much so they have a bigger impact on your QCA.


Here’s a breakdown of the weighting:



Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

B.Ed. Programme




B.Ed. and Psychology 1 2 2

BA in Early Childhood Education and Care




Bachelor of Arts




B.A. in Contemporary & Applied Theatre Studies 1 2 2

B.A. in Education, Business Studies and Accounting




B.A. in Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies




B.A. in Education, Irish and Religious Studies 1 2 2
B.A. in Education, Irish and Religious Studies 1 2 2

*The B.Ed programme has a weighting of 1 for Semesters 1-5 and a weighting of 2 for Semesters 6-8.

**If you’re doing Psychology in BA, Year 3 is double weighted.
***Extended Placement and FYPs are also double weighted.


How to calculate your QCA

Calculating QCAs is an exact science that consides QPVs and factors such as weighting of years/modules. Your QCA is calculated by the college. To see how it’s done exactly click here and scroll to page 15! 


QPV for each grade

A1        4.0

A2        3.6

B1        3.2

B2        3.0

B3        2.8

C1        2.6

C2        2.4

C3        2.0

D1        1.6

D2        1.2

Here’s the breakdown of the degrees:

Award                                           QCA

First Class Honours (1.1)                   3.40

Second Class Honours (2.1)               3.00

Second Class Honours (2.2)               2.60 

Third Class Honours                          2.00