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The role of the MISU Vice-President / Academic Officer

This is a full-time paid position of a 1-year term.

The Vice-President / Academic Officer deals with all academic issues and plays a key role in the delivery of the Representation, Advocacy & Leadership function. VP Role.pdf  



Mary I Students' Union has launched its first formal Strategic Plan. The official launch took place in MIC on Tuesday, 28th January by Aisling Cusack, MISU President and Darragh Gallagher, Chair of Union Council. The plan sets out MISU's four high-level priorities which they will work on over the next four years; Representation, Advocacy and Leadership, Student Experience, Services as well as Structures and Systems.

In implementing the strategy, MISU's vision is to be a students' union that is a dynamic, creative and responsive organisation, which ensures the student's overall experience is at the centre of college life. The goals identified in this plan provide a structure for achieving the union’s vision at a time of significant change for MISU, MIC and the wider higher education landscape.

Speaking about the strategic plan, Ms Cusack said: "Students are an integral part of the MIC Community, and as members of MISU, we champion their voice and experience within that community. This plan is for students and about students. Each of the goals, which we have identified, will directly benefit student life and enhance the student experience at MIC. The new ideas and objectives, which the executive officer teams bring forward each year, will complement and enhance the plan. This plan will provide greater opportunities for MISU officers to collaborate with those who came before and those who follow."

MISU is at an important stage in its history as the 2019/2020 Academic Year is the 21st year of operation of the union in its current structure. Throughout this time, MISU has seen continuous growth in the number of students attending MIC with the union responding accordingly to meet the needs of the student body. MIC has also become a multi-campus institution, with the addition of the Thurles campus in 2016.

"MISU has grown and evolved alongside the college during recent decades, and the scope and scale of the work we do have increased significantly in that time and during the last few years in particular and will continue to do so. It is important that we are in a strong position to meet these changes, deliver on our core values and ensure that student advocacy, support and representation is at the centre of what we do." says General Manager of the MISU, Ms Dee Kennelly, General Manager.

 Prof. Eugene Wall, President of MIC congratulated MISU on the launch of their Strategic Plan and welcomed the opportunities it provides where MIC and MISU can continue to work collaboratively to enhance the student experience.

 A copy of the plan can be viewed here