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Congratulations on your CAO offer - what's next?

Congratulations and WELCOME TO MISU! All students are automatically members of Mary I Students' Union. We exist to help students, through advocacy, activities, campaigns and events

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Grad Ireland's virtual Graduate Careers Fair

Graduate Careers Fair takes place virtually Wednesday 30 September and Thursday 01 October 2020!

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Meet the Exec student officers 2020-21

The Executive Committee are full time students who represent the student body and organise campaigns and events for their officership, such as Societies, Clubs and Sports and Postgraduate Officers. 

Click here to meet the elected officers and find out what officerships need to be filled. If you (or you and a friend!) want to apply to be a part of the team, applications will be open early in Semester 1.

COVID-19: MIC Updates & Information

The following page should be checked for updates from MIC in relation to COVID-19:  https://www.mic.ul.ie/covid-19?index=0

Students should consult their MIC e-mail accounts regularly for updates in relation to academic studies. These updates will not be placed on social media or the website.





Printing / Topping Up Student Card

The student printing system is based on your MIC ID card. The Computer Lab Assistants will be more than happy to run through the working of the printing system with students.

You will need a Laser, Debit or Credit Card. If you don't have any of these, you can use a 3V card which is basically a disposable Credit Card. You can use this card to top up your print card as well as to book flights online as well as on sites such as ebay, amazon etc.

1. Go online to https://print.mic.ul.ie:9192/user (or click the "Top Up Your Print Card Here" link at the top of misu.ie).

This link can also be found on the student portal. Click ICT and select Topping Up.

2. Enter your Username & Password. These are the same as what you use to log on to the college computers, Moodle and your student email account.

3. To top up your card, select “Transfer Funds”

4. Details required as follows

  • a. Card Holder Name
  • b. Amount (To Be Topped Up By)
  • c. Card Type
  • d. CVN (last three digits on the back of your card)
  • e. Card Number (the long one)
  • f. Expiry Date 

5. Select “Click To Accept” and the “CHECK”

6. N.B. Amount Being Topped Up Appears in CENTS on next screen

7. On the final screen, select “ACCEPT” to complete transaction

"Please note that the College DOES NOT retain your bank/credit account details."