Student Awards


Awards Evening

In semester 2 there will be an Awards Evening held where some of the achievements of students from the past year are recognised.

Awards presented on the night include:

  • Clubs and Societies Awards
  • Awards for excellence


Awards 2020


Awards for Excellence

Life in MIC is about more than just academic success and if you have been successful in another area of endeavour, the college want to recognise your achievement so you should apply for the Award for Excellence.

What is the Award?

The MIC Foundation – Award for Excellence is an award to give recognition to students who demonstrates excellence in an area of endeavour, such as music, arts, sport etc.  It excludes GAA sports as these are already covered by MIC and Munster Bursaries already in existence.

A number of awards will be available with the total value of each being €500. 

Criteria for the Award for Excellence

It is open to all full-time undergraduate MIC students who have successfully completed the first year of their studies.   Applicants must be able to:

  • Demonstrate excellence in an area of endeavour (other than GAA Sports)
  • Demonstrate academic progression
  • Demonstrate commitment and support to the College community or to their local community – (evidence of giving back or volunteering)
  • Be prepared to be involved in the College activities (including marketing & promotional activities)

In the interests of ensuring that the Award for Excellence is open to as wide a number of participants as possible the areas of endeavour are not being pre-determined. It will therefore be up to the applicant to demonstrate how their achievement qualifies them for the Award for Excellence.