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From Education Recruitment & Marketing’s website

Education Recruitment & Marketing is a specialist Education Consultancy based in Northern Ireland offering a unique range of services. We have three specialisms:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Recruitment for Universities seeking to recruit students from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Teacher Recruitment for Schools in the UK and abroad wishing to recruit teachers from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Nursing and Healthcare Recruitment for Hospitals and Healthcare Trusts in the UK and abroad wishing to recruit nurses from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Since our foundation in 2000 we have acquired a reputation for excellence. We have established excellent relationships with tutors and careers advisors in schools, colleges and universities throughout the island of Ireland. We work closely with our clients and aim to “exceed expectations” by offering a professional and reliable service at attractive rates.

From anzuk Education website

The anzuk Story

At anzuk, we place exceptional people in educational settings, but we know it doesn’t end there. We place the right teacher, in the right classroom every time. Why? Because we know that when one exceptional educator is in a classroom, 30 children get a great educational experience that day. And when we place two teachers, then 60 kids do, and when three educators are in classrooms, then 90 children have had a great day of uninterrupted lessons.

Now, imagine how many children are impacted by 100 great educators, or 1000…

Operating between Australia, the UK and LA, we are excited that anzuk educators are reaching classrooms around the world and making a global impact.

Every day, every way, always.

Instagram Live Session with Kristy-Lee Bielby from anzuk education to talk about teaching in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.     QR Code Poster   IG post version


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From the Barnet NQT website

About Barnet

Barnet is well known for the excellent quality of its schools and the diversity of its educational offer. These are at the heart of Barnet’s vision to be Family Friendly and its continuing success as a desirable place where people want to live, work and study. Excellent educational outcomes and ensuring children and young people are resilient and equipped to meet the needs of employers are vital to Barnet’s future success.

As London’s largest local authority, there is a great diversity of schools from a small one-form entry school to some of the largest schools in the country. Barnet has one of the most ambitious redevelopment and building programmes in North London with many redeveloped schools whose buildings can truly deliver a 21st learning environment that matches the pupils and the curriculum.


Instagram Live Session with Natalie Creed and Joseph McCann about teaching in the London Borough of Barnet